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February 3, 2010

Spent a sunset playing with my camera at the public park on Hiyoriyama, which has the best views of Ishinomaki I’ve seen so far.  Got distracted by an enclosure with a deer and a goose inside– both seemed either sick or hurt.

Also, I have changed format!  To look at photos from this shoot click here or on the picture below.  Clicking will bring you to a ‘set’ at my flickr account, cause it’s just better at handling photos, especially sets.  Please click!

Same goes for the previous post, about  the night time– hip hip hooray I boarded the bright ship flickr.


Night Life

February 3, 2010

‘And for you?’

She gestured at a rack with hanging bowls and pots of different sizes.  At the expectant stares of my dining companions, I looked around for a menu.  Looking back at the hanging dishes, I confessed, ‘I don’t understand.’

In response, she gestured again and made a face.  Flushing, I conceded, ‘I’m gonna need a second.’

So she paused a beat, nodded her head, and leaned in again, her ear perked.  ‘Figuratively,’  I not so much said as ground out of my teeth.  And finally she left, with a huff.

Note:  for more images, click the photo below.  Just started a flickr account, which is much more amicable to what I’m trying to do.  Thanks for looking.

Year of the Tiger

January 20, 2010

Went to a shrine, got a good fortune for ’10.  Buy the ticket, take the ride.

(t) h e r e

January 5, 2010

Partial visual record of events transpiring in or around Tucson, AZ between Dec 22 – Jan 1.  Never has nine days seemed more like a snap of the fingers– this is actually a fairly hollow account of what really happened, externally or otherwise.

Ex Masted

December 14, 2009

The pix of me here were not taken by me, but here they are anyway.  (Thanks Casey and Aya!)

I wore a Santa suit to a kindergarten where my company teaches, and gave presents to all of the children.  Another day we had a company Christmas party at the bowling alley, for our students.  Then to complete things I attended, again as Santa, the company preschool’s Christmas pageant.  I have now handed so many gifts to children I dream about it.

To make it through the rush of appearances I must admit I became dependent on snorting candy canes and smoking mistletoe.  I can’t find eggnog anywhere…

The Sun Sets Earlier All The Time

November 30, 2009

Here are some new sights from very familiar sites.  Route 45 is a narrow but major highway and goes from my house all the way to Sendai in one direction, and way up north into another state in the other direction.  The only alternative is the expressway, which is expensive, and still only two lanes in both directions.  Some places are always snail’s pace from traffic, which means I have time to take pictures of random things along the way…

An Invisible Adventure

November 23, 2009

Here are some pictures of what I didn’t do this weekend.  Also, I promise not to post any more awful wannabe rosy-prose meditations (see previous post).