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Night Life

February 3, 2010

‘And for you?’

She gestured at a rack with hanging bowls and pots of different sizes.  At the expectant stares of my dining companions, I looked around for a menu.  Looking back at the hanging dishes, I confessed, ‘I don’t understand.’

In response, she gestured again and made a face.  Flushing, I conceded, ‘I’m gonna need a second.’

So she paused a beat, nodded her head, and leaned in again, her ear perked.  ‘Figuratively,’  I not so much said as ground out of my teeth.  And finally she left, with a huff.

Note:  for more images, click the photo below.  Just started a flickr account, which is much more amicable to what I’m trying to do.  Thanks for looking.

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