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September 25, 2009

3 days in Tokyo.

Took a night bus.  Don’t take the night bus.

A couple things I saw or did are not pictured below.  Like the van that flipped over almost onto the sidewalk where we were standing.  And the New York-style brunch place where I felt like I wasn’t in Japan anymore.  And the mask I bought.  And costumed people in Akihabara.  Et cetera.

But here’s some stuff:

The coconut I bought at  a fruit stand, where the guy stabbed it with a screwdriver and stuck a straw in for me so I could drink.

Yoko is kissing a fish pancake thing with sweet stuff inside.

The penisballs building is in Shinjuku, near the metro government building.  Which is where you can go up to the 44th floor for free and get a view of the enormous endless city that is Tokyo.  Really, looking out in every direction I couldn’t see the end of the city.

The black building is in Akihabara, where all the nerdy stuff is– lots of computer stores, comic and anime stores, people walking around in silly costumes.  There are manga shops that take up whole buildings, and for some reason multiple big black buildings.  They look like they’re from comic books.  Maybe that’s the point.

Pachinko is everywhere here, and one day I’ll be brave enough to take my camera inside one.  Till then all I have is this pachinko man pic.

This may seem like no big surprise, but Tokyo is full of designer shit.  Designer everything, and lots of it is neon-colored and incomprehensibly overpriced– designer neon hoodies ($300+), Levi’s ($700), Nirvana jackets ($800), german army jackets ($700), shoelaces, candy, you get the point.  Some of these things are universal, I know, but damn.  The Nirvana jacket?  That seems like it has to be a local quirk.

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